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Ilona Angelis 1:1 Coaching

Executive Coaching

In your role as manager you are probably finding yourself in an area of conflict: To encourage and support your team members, to motivate your team while pushing it to high performances, to achieve results for your employer or your own company.

In my role as coach I accompany and support you to live up to the high complexity of expectations and requirements of your day-to-day business life.

Ilona Angelis 1:1 Coaching


International environments as well as themes related to the hotel business like hotel openings, the 25-hour hotel working day are my areas of expertise.

I give talks that are hands-on, informative and entertaining. My presentations are solution oriented and generate added value for the audience.

I give talks in German and English.

Ilona Angelis Retreat

Coaching & Travel

My absolute favorite! Why? Because corporate retreats are fun and intense at the same time. Because it takes you and your staff out of your daily working routine to one of the most amazing places on earth. Because your executive staff will get rewarded for their great work in a unique and unforgettable way. Because the power of “team” will give them an extra boost and motivation.

And perhaps you would like to have some valuable time off your daily routine too, some time for reflection or for personal development.

Ilona Angelis 1:1 Coaching

Mastermind groups

Wikipedia defines a mastermind group to be a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.

In the nineteen twenties the author Napoleon Hill explained its principle in his book „The Law of Success“ and later in his bestseller „Think and Grow Rich“.




The coaching sessions with Ilona were a great support both for my career and personal development. Ilona has the special gift to ask the right questions with a lot of warmth, empathy and clarity such that I was able to gain deep insights.

The coaching process enabled me to spot my patterns and limiting beliefs and I learned to chance my approach toward many issues. For instance dealing with self-created stress in the job or just embracing life itself with all its craziness and unexpectedness and less desire for perfection. What a difference can joy and lightness bring in!

Martina E.

Head of Marketing-Communication and Coach

llona, through her coaching, was there for me 100% while I was looking for my 100% in making decisions and following them through in order to support me and my work. I felt her compassion and trust in moments when I was in doubt. In the progress of our coaching sessions I experienced that making decisions and following them can also be an enjoyable game, which leaves aside the stress and anxiety of achieving a goal and not the goal itself, which then appears in full clarity and accessibility. I am grateful for her support!

Fotini D.

Teacher on probation

A very encouraging seminar where I received practical “life” tools for my upcoming steps. Ilona run the seminar with a big portion of mindfulness, appreciation, consciousness and engagement.

Karin B.

Yoga teacher

The coaching with Ilona Angelis helped me identify my personal strengths and best ways to implement them in my daily work and its continuous challenges.

I have already recommended Ilona to some of my friends and will continue doing so.

Argante S.

Media designer und photographer

Ilona’s coaching is powerful and profound. She allowed me to explore stumbling blocks and difficulties in a caring and supportive way, and truly partnered with me to identify my deepest objectives and make my way towards achieving them. Gently yet incorruptibly standing for my greatness.

Her capacity to listen deeply and to hold the space in a compassionate way are a true gift. I highly recommend her coaching!

Patrizia B.

NGO Consultant

The regular meetings with Ilona made sure that my project was on track and Ilona’s insights and patience made sure that she was able to provide a space for the creative vision to develop.

What I appreciated most about working with Ilona was her professional experience and attitude coupled with a thoughtful perceptiveness and commitment to helping me get the right mindset to complete my project.

Marianne K.

Author, Archaeologist

The coaching with Ilona has substantiated my thoughts; furthermore I received feedback from other participants which took away lots of my own pressure.

Nina S.

Online Marketing Expert

The seminar reflected my strengths, skills and interests. It also helped me get clarity on my next steps and confirmation in pursuing my goals and aspirations.

Miriam N.

Project Manager

Ilona Angelis is a philanthropist. Sie has the capacity to find the appropriate response style for each participant  and engage with everyone. The weekend was extremely helpful and I was able to get more clarity on how to further proceed. Her support was unintrusive and at no point anyone felt being pushed to anything. Thank you very much.

Nina Stache


I was enthused by the seminar and the instructor. Ilona Angelis impressed with competence, empathy, understanding, vision. Her methodology was most helpful to find a new options and impulses for one´s own path. Furthermore I appreciated Ilona’s pleasant manner in her presentation. I will sincerely recommend this seminar. Overall an enrichment for the next step of any career path.

Daniela D.

Social Scientist

I attended a two-day workshop focusing on career re-orientation with Ilona. From the beginning I appreciated her openness with regard to ideas and opinions. She intervened in the right places and was able to give us great input, given her perceptive nature. During the seminar we were able to communicate in an honest manner and build an environment of trust within the group. I was able to work out a structured plan for my future career, happy to go back home feeling great.

Luisa E.

Project Manager

Ilona has been my trainer during a weekend seminar „Find and live your mission within your profession“. Step by step she accompanied us to get clarity about who we are and what we truly want. What I appreciated in particular was that she took time for each of us and supported us with honesty and empathy. Furthermore she kept tabs on time such that nobody would be missed out.

One of her intents was that each of us keeps on focus and that our communication stays non-judgemental and mindful. To me this seminar was a formative experience: It helped to strengthen my self confidence and it encouraged me to take more chances in life. Thank you Ilona!

Isabell B.

Adult Educationalist

In the coaching workshop with Ilona Angelis the group was faced very intensively with individual issues and wishes concerning every single participant where everybody was able to benefit from everybody.

Ilona has the gift to ask the right questions such to activate and internalize intellectual approaches. A more relaxed approach on myself and the faith in my inner voice help me to give space to my passions, follow them and become active.

Luisa E.

Graphic and costume designer